ILI Leather Purses

When shopping for a leather purse you don't need to look any further, ILI New York has been an industry leader making leather purses, wallets and accessories that are not only affordable but made with an attention to quality and quality that is not normally seen in this price range.  ILI purses are one of our biggest sellers at our shows, our customers come back year after year with nothing but positive reviews and on a mission to add to their collection.  Being a small family owned business we can't afford to risk our reputation selling a product that isn't a quality product, we would be out of business very quickly.  ILI is also known for their colors, ILI handbags offer a great selection of beautiful colors that will match just about any outfit and style that you are looking for in a leather purse.

We stock a large selection of iLi leather purses, wallets, waist packs (fanny packs), card holders, ID holders and much more in stock ready to ship.  The attention to quality of these bags that Intercontinental Leather Industries pays to their quality is incredible, all it takes is one look at these bags and you know that you are holding a high quality leather purse that will give you many years of service.  ILI handbags come in an extremely wide variety, their are enough colors to choose from for any occasion.

Another feature that sets ILI Leather bags apart is the fact they they are 100% leather, unlike most of their competition.  Most people don't realize that manufacturers are allowed to state genuine leather on their products as long as they are at least 50% leather.  What we have found, even in expensive brands that state that they are all leather, is they use PU leather in areas that aren't so obvious to reduce their costs.  When we are at our shows I am able to tell people that when it comes to ILI leather bags, if it looks like leather it is leather.

Intercontinental Leather Industries makes gorgeous leather wallets in a staggering amount of colors and styles.  We have found that our most popular style of ladies wallets have been the iLi wallets due to the fact that they are 100% leather and come in so many styles.  We carry a wide variety of iLi wallets as well as card holders, ID holders, fanny packs and much more.

As you can see from the photos above ILI wallets and ILI fanny packs come in beautiful colors.  Our ILI leather fanny packs have been extremely popular due to the fact that they are made from cowhide which makes them very durable.  We carry many different styles of ILI waist packs as well as sizes.

ILI leather briefcases are a mixture of elegance and durability to not only protect your important documents but protect your laptop and electronics.  We now carry a great looking leather ILI concealed weapon briefcase that is perfect for carrying most pistols, even large caliber as well as your small notebooks and other odds and ends.  Our ILI concealed weapon briefcase is the perfect size for those that aren't looking for a full size briefcase

Whether you are looking for an ILI coin purse, ILI wallet, ILI purse or any other ILI accessory we have, or will special order it for you.  Our goal is to have on hand all the most popular ILI styles available and with our new FREE SHIPPING option you are not only getting a great product, you are getting it at a great price.