Earning Sassy Bucks is a great way to save money.  Once an order has shipped you will receive 1 Sassy Buck for every $1 you spend in the store which you can redeem whenever you choose (excluding shipping fees, taxes or gift cards).

The way it works is, you earn Sassy Bucks with every purchase and choose when you want to redeem them, the more Sassy Bucks you have the greater the savings.  Once you decide that you want to spend some Sassy Bucks you simply choose the reward you qualify for and the system will send you a coupon that you can apply at checkout.

Sassy Bucks reset on the 1st of every year, so make sure you use them all before your account resets and you lose those Sassy Bucks.  Since we just introduced the system on 10/31/2017 we are not going to have it reset 1/1/2018, the next reset will be 1/1/2019.

How you earn Sassy Bucks:

  • Create an account and earn 100 Sassy Bucks (must have an account to earn rewards)
  • Enter your birthday in your account and earn 100 Sassy Bucks during your birthday month
  • Earn 1 Sassy Buck for every dollar spent
  • Watch for our emails, during the year we will have specials where you can earn 2x or even 3x the points

What you can redeem for Sassy Bucks*:

  • 100 Sassy Bucks = $5 Off Coupon
  • 250 Sassy Bucks = 10% Off Coupon
  • 500 Sassy Bucks = 15% Off Coupon
  • 750 Sassy Bucks = 20% Off Coupon

 Coupon code will displayed on your screen upon redemption and can be used for that purchase.  You can also redeem and save for later, the code will show in your My Rewards account.

*Rewards are subject to change.