The Leather Satchel Company Bags


We are proud to offer one of the finest lines of leather handbags, satchels and briefcases available.  The Leather Satchel Company has been making fine leather products since 1966, we are proud to carry this collection.  Each leather satchel, purse and briefcase is handcrafted by some the finest artisans in the world using only the highest quality cowhide leather available.

What makes The Leather Satchel Company bags such a draw is the fact that each leather bag can be customized to your personal preferences.  For example, you are able to order the bag in any color combo you choose which will make your leather satchel, purse or briefcase a one of a kind.  We will be carrying a small inventory of standard colors, but most bags will be custom orders and take approximately 3 weeks to be delivered to your door.  You are truly buying a one of a kind leather bag that is made from the highest quality leathers.

Our staff is here to help you customize your leather bag, just give us a call while you are ordering and we will help you thru your ordering process. Over the next month we will be bringing our Leather Satchel Company purses, satchels and briefcases online, it may take us a few tries to get the customized ordering process down but we are here to help you create the leather bag of your dreams.

Many people don't know the history of the satchel, it is very interesting.  The satchel made its debut in Scotland between 300 and 900 AD and played an important part in Scotland's conversion to Christianity.  The leather satchel was made completely of leather and allowed religious texts to be safely carried in all types of weather by monks to spread the word of God.  The leather satchel became popular again in the swinging 50's and 60's in British culture, no school child would go to school without one.  The satchel has since grown in popularity worldwide and is considered a true fashion icon.  Own your piece of history made by non-other than The Leather Satchel Company in the UK, each individually made to order.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better-made leather bag than a bag made by The Leather Satchel Company.  You are not only buying a beautifully handcrafted leather satchel bag, you are buying a piece of history that will last for many many years.  These bags are made so well that typically these bags can be handed down.

We specialize in leather products, let us help you build the leather satchel, purse or briefcase of your dreams.  Our staff loves what we do and has been selling leather products for many years, we will give you the care you deserve when creating your new satchel, purse or briefcase and customizing it just for you.  We are based in Arizona and strive to make your shopping experience not only simple, but fun as well.  Please don't hesitate to call, or email, us with any questions regarding your new Leather Satchel Company product.

Our goal has always been to offer the best possible product at the best possible price and we personally feel that we have delivered with this new collection.  Be sure to check back often, we will be continuously adding to it every chance we get.